Who is Keriann Caccavaro?

“Hurry up and live or hurry up and die.” I remember feeling empty and angry, but also appalled, that my mother would tell me to hurry up and die.

You see, all I heard—or chose to hear—before I entered yet another detox facility was “hurry up and die.” I remember looking at my mother with hate and rage. Of course, once again, I would flip it on her with the intention to make her feel guilty. I was quick to say, “Believe me, Mom, I’ll hurry up and die.”

Dying seemed like a much easier solution. I couldn’t face the pain I was causing my mother or my family. Most of all, I couldn’t face the pain I was causing myself.

Keriann CaccavaroNow with close to six years of sobriety, free from IV heroin addiction, free from alcohol, and free from the anger that once controlled me, I remember the utter despair in my mother’s exhausted, bloodshot blue eyes as she dropped me off at detox—and I see the underworld of madness and suffering where love would be my only guiding light out.

Today, with deep gratitude, I wake up every morning making a clear and conscious decision to live! I’ve chosen to use my experiences to help and coach anyone struggling with substance use disorder and to offer support to family members. I am dedicated to raising awareness in our communities. I am someone’s mentor, I am someone’s wife, and I am Someone’s Daughter.

Yours truly,

Keriann Caccavaro

Keriann Caccavaro is a recovery coach, drug court advocate, and woman in long term recovery helping to support people struggling with addiction and their families. You can learn more about her on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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  1. That’s how I felt about my son Anthony, wrote out his obituary 3 times because I knew I couldn’t do it if he did die!! He’s now 2 and half year sober and doing Amazing, taking care of his children again working hard and helping those that need help to recover!!

  2. This woman is a warrior. She always has been. I’ve known her forever and watched her as a child defend and speak for those who have not found or have lost their voice. Her strength comes from helping others, she will be a voice for those who need her. Her journey with addiction and recovery was purposeful. I believe this is her Soul’s purpose. I know her well and have always loved her, she is my daughter.

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