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Sandy Swenson

Sandy Swenson

Sandy is the mother of two sons—one of whom struggles with addiction. Author of ‘The Joey Song: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction’ [Central Recovery Press], ‘Tending Dandelions: Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children’ [Hazelden Publishing], and ‘Readings for Moms of Addicts’ App [Hazelden Publishing], Sandy lives in the place where love and addiction meet—a place where help enables and hope hurts.


Sandy is a voice for moms of children suffering with the disease of addiction, putting their thoughts and feeling into words. Her latest project is MomPower.org, an easy to navigate hub connecting moms with addicted children to a world of help, hope, and empowerment.


Sandy lives in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. When she isn’t writing or traveling to speak with other parents coping with the disease of addiction in their family, Sandy enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Blog: sandyswenson.com
App: Readings For Moms With Addicted Children – Apple App & Android App
Book: Tending Dandelions
Book: The Joey Song

Beverly Buncher

Beverly Buncher

Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, CTPC, known as the foremost Family Recovery Life Coach in the nation, is the Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, and the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Training Institute and Family Recovery Services.


The BALM® Program is designed for families impacted by substance use (SUD) and other use disorders, professionals who are called to help families affected by use disorders, and recovery treatment centers looking for a holistic family program to add to their facilities’ services.


Media Kit

Maureen Cavanagh

Maureen Cavanagh

Maureen Cavanagh is an author and the founder of Magnolia New Beginnings, a non-profit 501c3 organization that provides access to online support groups for anyone struggling with a loved one’s addiction and provides access to recovery housing in Massachusetts. She is also a CCAR recovery coach and trainer, family recovery coach and interventionist and President of Magnolia Recovery and Consulting Services.


Maureen’s first book, a gripping memoir, If You Love Me: A Mother’s Journey through Her Daughter’s Opioid Addiction, is a story of a mother who suddenly finds herself on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic as her daughter battles—and ultimately reckons with—substance use disorder. The memoir was published by Henry Holt/MacMillan in 2018. If You Love Me was favorably reviewed by the NY Times, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and the audiobook was named a runner up for Amazon/Audibles 2018 Memoir of the Year.


Maureen holds a B.S. in Communications from Weber State University, an MPA in nonprofit management from Suffolk University, an M.Ed Special Education/ESOL from Salem State University, and speaks nationally on the impact of substance use disorder on the family and the power of hope.  Maureen’s unforgettable story, told with love and humor, brings the opioid crisis out of the shadows and into the house next door. Her real-life account is inspiring and harrowing, and ultimately a story of recovery and renewal.


Maureen lives near Boston, Massachusetts with her partner of many years. She is the mother of four and is enjoying every minute of watching her daughter bloom in recovery. She believes deeply that education, connection to others, and sharing stories of recovery are integral in the midst of this crisis.


Magnolia Recovery and Consulting Services
Magnolia New Beginnings
If You Love Me: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Daughter’s Opioid Addiction
Magnolia Beginnings Blog
Collateral Damage Podcast
Taking Back Your Life

Beverly Conyers

Beverly Conyers

Beverly Conyers is the mother of three grown children and four grandchildren. She started writing about addiction in 2003 after learning that her youngest daughter had become addicted to heroin. Her mission is to gain insight into the disease, to better understand the process of recovery, and to share comfort, strength, and hope with anyone who has been affected by addiction.


Currently an adjunct English teacher at a community college, Beverly has also worked as a magazine editor and newspaper correspondent. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University and a master’s degree from Clark University. Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Beverly has lived in central Massachusetts for many years.


Addict in the Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery (2003)

Everything Changes: Help for Families of Newly Recovering Addicts (2009)

The Recovering Heart: Emotional Sobriety for Women (2013)

Find Your Light: Practicing Mindfulness to Recover from Anything (Nov. 2019)

Katie Donovan

Katie Donovan

Katie has spent over the last 20 years in the marketing, events and communications industry. After experiencing the addiction journey with her daughter Brittany, Katie left her marketing career, in order to focus on family recovery. She has now dedicated her life to guiding others through the overwhelming process of finding quality treatment for substance abuse, coaching families through their own recovery, and a consultant for the treatment industry.


Katie sits on several local and national boards, has been invited to congressional hearings, testified in front of the FDA, and a national speaker on addiction. Katie is also one of the leading forces behind the creation of Hope Not Handcuffs in which she was awarded the PAARI Leadership award for her advocacy work, in addition to a Global Humanitarian Award.


Katie is a professionally trained and certified family recovery coach, interventionist as well as an addictions recovery coach. Katie has been a featured author/blogger for national advocacy groups in addition to being interviewed on Fox, ABC, NBC, Fox Sports and featured in the December 2018 issue of Time/Money Magazine, as well as numerous media sources.


Katie and her daughter Brittany also co-founded a blog, where they dig deep about their journey at www.amothersaddictionjourney.com, which reached over a million views and seen in 146 countries within 30 days of its inception and has been syndicated in over 30 publications, including USA Today and Babble by Disney.


Katie lives with her husband John, and their youngest daughter Brooke in Macomb Twp, MI.


Tour de Force Speakers Bureau
A Mother’s Addiction Journey – Blog & Coaching
Taking Back Your Life – Podcast
Email: katie@amothersaddictionjourney.com

Sarah McDade

Sarah McDade

Having grown up on a nursery in rural Upstate New York, the daughter of a history teacher, and an RPI mechanical engineering major, I never imagined I would be an advocate for families impacted by addiction. After moving to the “big city” of Washington DC in the 1970s I met my future husband, the late Joseph McDade, who taught me that addiction was a brain disease. Therefore when our son was impacted by the use of illegal substances I held no shame and just wanted to get help for him. After my inquiries were rebuffed by four medical professionals, a therapist mentioned Caron Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania. Once I placed a phone call there I knew I had found an entity that understood me, and my son eventually found treatment there.


After my son got well I became determined that I would help other parents find resources for help with the baffling disease of addiction. One by one, after interviews with therapists, visits to treatment centers, reading books on addiction, vetting support group by support group, my resource lists grew and grew. These have been shared with parents referred to me and with treatment professionals in my region. This volunteer passion has somewhat subdued my hobbies of gardening, local history, and genealogy. It has become a full-time volunteer occupation because so much help is needed.


For my work in helping my fellow parent, I have been honored by awards from the Chris Atwood Foundation, the Unified Prevention Coalition of Fairfax County, and locally and nationally by Caron Treatment Centers.


Sarah McDade, Metropolitan Washington, DC
Email: sarahmcdade@aol.com

Julie Neale

Julie Neale

Wife · Mom · Friend · Two Adult Children · Advocate for Grace and Recovery · Lover of Nature, Music, Beauty


Head of Distribution and Creative Collaborator for the documentary ASK: Can Love Survive Addiction and Codependency? and Co-Producer for the film Normie.

Joanne Richards

Joanne has been inspired by her son’s journey through addiction to specialize in Family Recovery, and support the urgent needs for dramatic healing, transformation, and hope in our families and communities.


In her private practice, Hearts At Work Family Recovery, Joanne helps families to empower their love and inspire recovery – their own and their loved one’s.  She believes that love is strengthened through education, support, and developing the skills to re-connect, and communicate effectively.  Drugs don’t win here.  Love does!


Joanne is a Certified BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach (Be A Loving Mirror), Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She participates with her community Drug Prevention Coalition and created the Facebook Group, Loving Your Child Through Their Addiction.  Joanne also created and facilitates the Moms Turning It Around Support Group.  She is blessed with two adult sons, and lives in Arizona enjoying the wonders of nature, gardening, mountain biking, and visiting with family and friends.


Hearts At Work Family Recovery
Loving Your Child Through Their Addiction Facebook Group
Moms Turning It Around Support Group

Email: joanne@joannerichards.life

Cathy Taughinbaugh

Cathy Taughinbaugh

As a result of her journey with her own child’s drug use, Cathy, a former educator founded CathyTaughinbaugh.com and became a certified parent coach in order to help other parents who are struggling because of their child’s substance use.


In her private practice Cathy uses a science-based program backed by 40 years of clinical research. She uses these evidence-based methods to empower parents to motivate their teen or young adult child who struggles with alcohol or drug use to seek change. The outreach that Cathy has created provides a forum for those that need support to care for themselves or their loved ones.


Cathy is the creator the Rise Up Mom’s Support Club, a support group for moms who are experiencing the challenges of parenting a teen or young adult struggling with drug or alcohol misuse. The group offers coaching, speakers, information, and inspiration.


Cathy is a graduate of the University of the Pacific with a degree in psychology. She is an Associate Certified Coach, certified through the International Coach Federation. Cathy is a Certified Parent Coach through the Parent Coach Trainers Academy, Certified Life Coach from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County, and has a Certificate of Completion from Robert J. Meyers, Ph.D.& Associates, Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT).


Cathy is one of over 200 Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) Parent Network Coaches trained by the Center for Motivation and Change and works with the Partnership for Drug Free Kids. Cathy serves on the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drug’s Board.


She lives with her husband in Northern California and is the mother of three adult children.


Cathy Taughinbaugh’s Blog
Treatment Talk Coaching for Parents
Rise Up Moms Support Group

Guest MomPower Moms:
Alex Alba

Alex Alba

I have been a facilitator of a parent and family support group in Washington DC for four years. I continue to learn from the struggles and bravery of people dealing with addiction in a child, partner or sibling. I marvel at how varied and rich our recovery journeys are, and the ability of people to strive for and find degrees of serenity in the worst moments.


I am interested in the tool of mindfulness, especially how it can teach us to sit with painful emotions so that we can learn to respond rather than react to the chaos in our lives.


I have a background in editing and ESL teaching, and have lived in many different countries.

Susan Burrowes

Susan Burrowes

Susan Burrowes is the author of Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey Through Teen Addiction, winner of the 2019 Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Parenting & Family books and an Indie Book Award finalist.


She is the mother of two wonderful, terrible children in Santa Cruz, California. Susan works with high-achieving teens at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she ponders her fate every day. You can find her at www.susanburrowes.com or on Facebook.

Libby Cataldi

Libby Cataldi

Libby Cataldi is a mother, grandmother, teacher, former Head of School, and writer. She has two sons, Jeff and Jeremy. Jeff is a recovering heroin addict, who suffered a fourteen-year addiction. He is sober today and lives a productive, healthy life. Together with her sons, Libby wrote Stay Close: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction, a story of hope and redemption.


Libby and Jeff speak throughout the United States and Italy about the hope of recovery. They’ve presented at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, and in New York City. Libby works closely with San Patrignano recovery community in Rimini, Italy.


Living most of the year in Florence, Italy, she is a proud member of the American International League of Women, a group dedicated to raising money for charity, and the Florence Dragon Boat Ladies, who are breast cancer survivors and row as a sign of hope after cancer. She also served on the board of the International School of Florence, and holds a doctorate of education from the University of Pittsburgh.


Most of all, she is grateful every day that her son came back to himself and his family.


Website: libbycataldi.com
Blog: libbycataldi.com/blog/
Book: Stay Close: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction
(St. Martins Press, Macmillan, NYC; translated and published by Rizzoli, Milan, Italy)

Nancy Downing

Nancy Downing

I am somewhat of a newcomer to the world of addiction and addiction recovery.  Even as my husband and I sent our daughter, Valerie, into treatment in July of 2017, I merely identified her as “having a drug problem.”  I attributed all the conflict and insanity of the high school years to her severe anxiety.  Only after Caron’s amazing Family Education Program did I finally admit that my daughter has the disease of addiction.


Thanks to Caron, I was able to fully embrace the importance of working on my own recovery, even as the reality of my daughter’s addiction was sinking in.  I discovered a knack for telling stories through my shares at Nar-Anon, and they are the origins of most of my articles.  I hope that my stories help parents understand this confounding disease and find ways to love their children and themselves in a healthy way.


Just in these past few months, I have become passionate about family recovery outreach and education.  I was honored to be the parent speaker at Caron’s Gratitude Breakfast.  I started and currently facilitate a monthly 12 Step Workshop for parents of addicted children.  I also consult, via weekly video conferencing, with Recovery Africa, which is working to establish family support groups (like Al-Anon) in Ghana.


Life and motherhood brought me through many career changes, including working as an architect, a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful girls, a commissioned water color artist, and now, a piano teacher.  Perhaps it is not surprising that I find myself sharing my experiences of my daughter’s journey and my own recovery through MomPower.


Nancy Wu Downing, Rockville, Maryland
Email:  wudowning@gmail.com

Lisa Frederiksen

​Lisa Frederiksen ​

On Thanksgiving 2019, Lisa celebrates thirty-eight years of recovery from eating disorders—anorexia and bulimia—which she’d grappled with from age sixteen to twenty-eight. This year, she also celebrates sixteen years of recovery from secondhand drinking—the negative impacts of a person’s drinking behaviors on others. The reason for the disparity in the numbers of recovery years between the two is her untreated ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and the stigma, misinformation, and shame that surrounds the family disease of substance use disorders.

It was Lisa’s secondhand drinking recovery, which began in 2003 when one of her loved ones entered a residential treatment program for alcoholism, that’s inspired her work of the past sixteen years. Her mission: to simplify current brain and scientific research in order to change (and in some cases, simply start) the conversations that can shatter the stigma, misinformation, and shame surrounding this family disease.

Author of twelve books, a national keynote speaker, and consultant, Lisa is the founder of BreakingTheCycles.com. She lives in Northern California.


Website & Blog – BreakingTheCycles.com


Book: 10th Anniversary Edition If You Loved Me, You’d Stop! What You Really Need to Know When Your Loved One Drinks Too Much

Danni Morford

Danni Morford

Danni Morford lives in Austin, Texas with her husband. She is the mother of three boys. Their eldest son, Travis died July 8, 2007 when he was 25 years old. Travis struggled from the disease of addiction from the age of 12.


Writing and journaling have been a part of her grief journey. Her letters to Travis show you the heart of a mother, whose son died from addiction. Danni shares her letters in the hope it will help to rid the shame and stigma of this disease that make it so hard for the addict to recover.


Danni and her husband are involved with several recovery organizations and a grief support organization, The Christi Center.

Kathleen Pooler

Kathleen Pooler

Kathleen Pooler is a retired family nurse practitioner and author of the memoir Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away from Emotional Abuse, published on July 28, 2014, and the upcoming sequel, Just the Way He Walked: A Mother’s Story of Hope and Healing. She writes about how she tapped into her faith in God during her biggest obstacles and disappointments to transform and heal from life’s greatest challenges. She believes that every little bit of hope matters and that we are all strengthened and enlightened when sharing our stories.


She lives with her husband, Wayne, and their golden retriever, Max, in eastern New York and blogs weekly at her Memoir Writer’s Journey blog: krpooler.com.


Where to Find Kathy:
Twitter @kathypooler
Amazon Author Page
Goodreads Author Page
Facebook Author Page


Stories by Kathy Pooler
“The Stone on the Shore” in  The Woman I’ve Become: 37 Women Share Their Journeys from Toxic Relationships to Self-Empowerment, published by Pat LaPointe, 2012.


“Choices and Chances” in My Gutsy Story Anthology, published by Sonia Marsh, September, 2013.


Coming Soon: Just the Way He Walked: A Mother’s Story of Hope and Healing

A story of how one woman’s simultaneous battles with stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma and her young adult son’s addiction to alcohol and drugs test her resolve to never, ever give up hope. Written for parents of children who are addicted, particularly mothers, this is a story of love, faith, hope, and breaking the cycle of addiction. Family relationships (father-son, mother-son), single parenting, the impact of addiction on families, and the need for education in breaking the cycle of addiction are all explored. The message of resilience and faith in the face of insurmountable odds serves as a testament to what is possible when one dares to hope.

Lorelie Rozzano

Lorelie Rozzano

Internationally recognized author Lorelie Rozzano is a writer, blogger, and recovery advocate who works in the field of mental health and addiction, helping individuals and their families recover from substance use disorder. As a daughter, mother, wife, and survivor, she offers insight into the world of chemical dependency. Lorelie has given thousands of people the glasses they need to see addiction from every angle. She has written several books on the topic, including Gracie’s Secret, Jagged Little Edges, Jagged Little Lies, and Jagged No More.


Where to Find Lorelie:
Purchase Books

Victoria Stith

Victoria Stith

Victoria Stith specializes in helping parents of adult children with substance use disorders find peace of mind and freedom from suffering, while also being the compassionate and helpful parents they want to be.


She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with expertise in anxiety issues, and in Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches. She is also a Certified Family Recovery and Wellness Coach who applies evidence-based practice, personal experience, and psychological science to the symptoms and suffering that often arise in families dealing with addiction.


Victoria helps parents through online courses and coaching, as well as through a free Facebook group just for parents.


Find out more here:
Facebook Support Group