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No more shame. No more silence.

~ Sandy Swenson
Addiction Events
Addiction Events Across the Country
Let us know about your upcoming events at least three weeks in advance and we will add them to our calendar!
Naloxone Saves Challenge
Naloxone Challenge
Join the #NaloxoneSavesChallenge to help SAFE Project spread the word about the life-saving benefits of naloxone – an opioid overdose antidote.
Naloxone Saves Challenge
Take the Dandelion Strong Challenge!

“Do you need help motivating yourself to stick with the oh-so-important self care thing? A little nudge and some accountability to get out the door for thirty minutes of movement? (And a mood, energy and clarity boost!)

This is NOT meant to be a competition….just motivation. Each week, as a Dandelion Patch (😀🌼 ❤️ ), we can aim to increase our group distance a smidge. Send a friend request to Sandy Swenson on MapMyWalk and she will send you an invitation to join the Dandelion Strong Challenge. Here we can log our walks and cheer one another on.
Together we are stronger!”

Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction
November 16, 2019 – Dallas
Unite with walkers, runners, and members of the community to Rise up Against Addiction. Every dollar raised supports Shatterproof’s mission to end the devastation caused by the disease of addiction.
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BALM Grief Recovery Support Group
Every Monday, November 18-Jan 20.
For those who have lost a child to SUD, as well as for those whose loved ones are alive but are grieving a different sort of loss.