ACTION – Become a Parent Coach

Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.

~ Unknown
Become a Parent Coach
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BALM Family Recovery
We are a full service online educational program focused on helping ALL families be their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery from Substance Use Disorders and other Use Disorders.
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Addiction is often a very isolating disease, and many parents who have been through it with their own child express that what they would have wanted most at the time was to talk to a confidant and friend who understood.
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CMC Foundation for Change
The Invitation to Change Approach teaches family members practical and effective strategies to motivate change in their loved one struggling with substances.
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Smart Recovery
You can make a difference and touch the lives of many people in your community by expanding the reach of SMART Recovery to your area. Help people learn how to help themselves and “Discover the Power of Choice”.