Coping with the Family Disease of Addiction

by Julie Neale
May 12, 2019

The following excerpt is taken from Today a Better Way, which is published by Families Anonymous.

The pain, tears, and mourning experienced because of a beloved addict often seem more than one can bear. It’s like facing death, yet not so final. In the case of the addict, we experience that pain again and again, each time a possible recovery turns into another downfall. . . .

. . . Tapping into our Higher Power helps us begin to ease the grief. Miraculously, we start to build a new life that brings countless dividends. We learn that emotional growth takes time for those who suffer with the family disease of addiction. Moving beyond our suffering . . . we gradually become less judgmental of others, more accepting, closer to our fellow human beings. We develop a deeper humility and gratitude.

Eventually, we rediscover joys in life we never expected to know again. Sometimes we experience these joys, amazingly enough, in spite of a continuing unsolved problem.

The video below was taken in June 2016, after having discovered nine months earlier that our son was an addict. The video tells a little about the addiction in my family of origin and then discovering our son’s addiction. I didn’t need any convincing that addiction is a family disease, but what I didn’t know was how I needed to get healthy and work on myself.

Part of this interview was used in the documentary ASK: Can Love Survive Addiction & Codependency,

 Video link:

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Julie Neale

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