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Their stories might shake my world, but they will also give me realistic expectations and fill me with hope.

~ Sandy Swenson, Tending Dandelions: Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children
Adversity Needn’t Thwart or Define You. Here’s How to Cope
Elizabeth Smart’s “Where There’s Hope” offers advice on moving past trauma and its aftermath.

The New York Times – Book Review – Jul. 6, 2018

Saving Jake: A Powerful Family Memoir of Opioid Addiction
A Powerful Family Memoir of Opioid Addiction
A Mother’s Pain, a Daughter’s Addiction
When Maureen Cavanagh, clicked on a link to a Salem News story headlined “Marblehead Honor Student Arrested for Prostitution,” her first thought was: “How sad. How very sad.” As she read further, however, her feelings turned to horror.
The New York Times – Oct. 12, 2018
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