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Lorelie Rozzano

Dear Mom: Don’t Lose Hope

Guest MomPower Mom - Lorelie Rozzano
Dear Mom, addiction has nothing to do with the love between a mother and child.

Guest MomPower Mom – Lorelie Rozzano
Dear Mom: Don’t Lose Hope
Dear Mom, addiction has nothing to do with the love between a mother and child.
Guest MomPower Mom – Kathleen Pooler
When Love is Not Enough Hope Steps In
As important as love is—everything really—it isn’t enough to stop someone from drinking or doing drugs. But it does allow us to let them find their own personal power.
MomPower Mom – Sarah McDade
The Gift of No Shame
Who carries shame in the world of addiction? Is it the sick one or families, or both? What does shame feel like? And how can you find the gift of NO SHAME?
MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
The Cycle of Addiction and Codependency
The fall of our son’s senior year at college, we realized many things were not adding up. He no longer wanted to come home for a visit, he was sick often and was doctor shopping, he had dropped most of his spring semester’s classes, and he was always needing money. If it were anybody else’s child, I would tell them this sounds like addiction. My husband said he felt sure our son was an addict. My first response was denial. One would think I knew better considering the family I came from, but as Melody Beattie says, “Denial is the shock absorber for the soul.”
Guest MomPower Mom – Susan Burrowes
A Future You
It happened in the fabric store. I was in the notions section, on my knees, peering at the tiny silver beads I needed to finish my project. It helped me to keep my hands busy these days. It kept my mind off my addicted daughter. We had sent her to a wilderness program, where she struggled for thirteen weeks before being transferred to a locked-down rehab facility. “It’s your last chance,” the therapist had warned us. “She’s sixteen. Soon you won’t be able to make decisions about her health.”
Guest MomPower Mom – Nancy Downing
Tidying Up and the Twelve Steps
I recently binge-watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and started to see many parallels between uncluttering a home and working the Twelve Steps as part of my recovery as the mom of a child with addiction. We all have messes in our homes that we are not proud of: the junk drawer, the junk closet, the junk basement. We accumulate stuff over time and then just shove it into that junk space because we don’t want to deal with it. We are embarrassed to let others see our messes. We throw them into a closet, quickly shut the door, and avoid dealing with them because they evoke feelings of shame whenever we look at them. However, they will never go away unless we find the courage to face them.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Judge Not
There are those who are hostile toward the addicts themselves, ignorant in their understanding about the disease of addiction. There are those who are hostile toward the people who love someone suffering with the disease, spouting off about something with which they have no experience and that they know nothing about. And there are those who do know something about the battle being waged, having lived with addiction in one way or another themselves, and yet are hostile toward anyone with a differing viewpoint.
But the truth is, the only enemy is the disease of addiction itself. Only the disease needs to be destroyed, not people, which, too often, is the result of harsh judgment.
Guest MomPower Mom – Libby Cataldi
Two Sides of Addiction: Mother and Child
My son’s fourteen-year heroin addiction suffocated our family and brought us to our knees. Those who are reading this entry know the feelings of fear, guilt, deep shame, and confusion. In the end, my son made the decision to change his life with the help of his Higher Power and the support of our family. Today, my son is healthy and a contributing member of society, and every day I am grateful. Today, he and I talk about addiction with clarity and compassion. Today, I am able to see addiction through my eyes and his.
MomPower Mom – Katie Donovan
How to Preserve Your Marriage
“Katie, stop doing everything for her!” my husband, John, would yell. “You’re just too hard on her, John; give her a break already!” I would reply, furious. He would then retreat to his man cave in the basement, and I would go upstairs to our bedroom and cry. This was pretty much the bulk of our conversations for many years. We never seemed to be on the same page, which usually resulted in us arguing daily.
MomPower Mom – Cathy Taughinbaugh
Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First: Self-Care
If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s difficult to help anyone else. Dealing with a child struggling with addiction can be an emotional, physical, and financial drain. You may find yourself exhausted before you even get out of bed in the morning. Not only are you dealing with sleepless nights, but also the daily worry and fear for your child’s safety. Here are some suggestions that helped me when I was dealing with the day-in and day-out stress of my child’s substance use issues.
Guest MomPower Mom – Libby Cataldi
Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate
My son is a heroin addict. He wasn’t born this way, or maybe he was, and the addiction was there, hiding, all through his childhood years. I have spent a lot of time trying to ferret out the answer to why one son is an addict and the other isn’t, but I’ve given that up. I now spend my time learning about how best to support my son through his recovery.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Let the Guilt Go
Oh, the guilt. It’s a terrible burden. All the could’ves and should’ves. All the what-ifs and what-if-nots. All the mistakes and missed clues and second-guesses piled like rubbish inside of our brains and our hearts. We do the best we can when raising our children, but when things go wrong, every single thing we’ve ever done—every word, every action, every thought, every look—becomes fodder for the fire of maternal guilt.
MomPower Mom – Sarah McDade
Support Comes in Many Forms: Did I Need It?
It wasn’t support that I was seeking when I realized my son was mixed up with mind-altering drugs, including alcohol. I just wanted professionals to help him because my methods weren’t working. I found myself flailing around in the medical community unsuccessfully seeking out treatment. It was an off-the-cuff remark by a counselor many months into my search that led me to Caron Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania.
Guest MomPower Mom – Dani Morford
Letters to My Child
Powerful letters written by a mother to her son, titled “Heavenly Birthday” and “My Closet”.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
No More Shame, No More Silence
Shame and silence—without them, addiction couldn’t survive. Without them, addiction couldn’t thrive, couldn’t hide, couldn’t continue its deadly march forward, consuming and killing our children in droves.
Guest MomPower Mom – Alex Alba
Learning the Same Language
Our daughter’s addiction story lasted approximately ten years, though none of us understood the nature of the beast until almost the end. Her behaviors changed slowly. We rationalized, we were confused, and we were tolerant in a helpless way.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
We Have The Power
As parents who love a child suffering with the disease of addiction, we may often feel fragile, but we are strong. And we are many.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Addiction is a Disease, Not a Disgrace
Addiction is a misunderstood tragedy, too often hushed up. Too often hidden away due to shame, guilt, or fear of blame. Too often, addiction is a battle faced while all alone and afraid…
Guest MomPower Mom – Nancy Downing
Staying in My Lane
A wonderful fellow Nar-Anon member has shared a great analogy for working our own program and staying out of the way of our addicted children, who are finding their own paths. She says that, just as when she is driving her car, she needs to “stay in my own lane”…
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Where Love and Addiction Meet
When a child is born, so is a parent. Full of love and good intentions, we do our best (and hope for the best), believing that things will somehow turn out okay…
MomPower Mom – Katie Donovan
You Are Not Alone – Getting Support
When my daughter Brittany was about five years into her disease, I remember my husband calling me one morning, asking if I could take the garbage out to the curb, as he had forgotten. Now, on any “normal” day, this is no big deal, right?…
MomPower Mom – Sarah McDade
So Counter-Intuitive
It was easy parenting. As a child and into his teen years, he was so full of life, so excited about every new discovery. His enthusiasm was a delight to behold. It was obvious to me, his mother, that I had been looking at life through a different set of lenses…
MomPower Mom – Maureen Cavanagh
Addiction is a Family Disease
We’ve all heard the expression that “addiction is a family disease.” Growing up in a family where, more often than not, holidays, family gatherings, or just an ordinary Tuesday night ended in a drunken brawl, I swore I would not catch the family disease…
MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
Coping with the Family Disease of Addiction
The pain, tears, and mourning experienced because of a beloved addict often seem more than one can bear. It’s like facing death, yet not so final. In the case of the addict, we experience that pain again and again, each time a possible recovery turns into another downfall…
Guest MomPower Mom – Victoria Stith
Pain vs Suffering
As the mom of an addicted child, is it possible to find peace of mind and freedom from suffering? Listen in as Victoria Stith tells you how.
MomPower Moms – Katie Donovan & Maureen Cavanagh
Podcast – Taking Back Your Life
Hosts Maureen Cavanagh and Katie Donovan talk about the realities of life of moms with addicted children.
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Episode 5: We are excited to welcome Mike Wilson as a guest on our next show! Mike is the author of ‘Loving Lions: A Guide for Families Struggling with Addiction’. He is also the co-owner and director of family services at Baystate Recovery Services, LLC. I hope you can all come and hang out with us!”
Episode 6: Tune in for an honest conversation (and some hilarity). Sandy Swenson is our guest.
Let’s Talk podcast with host William Moyers
Shedding the Shame and Blame: A Mom’s Story of Love for Her Addicted Child and Her Healing Journey
Watch and listen in as Sandy Swenson—author, advocate and mom of an addicted child—shares her story and lived experiences with host William C. Moyers. Sandy talks about how understanding the distinction between her son and the disease enabled her to love her child and help him fight the disease of addiction.
The Chasing Sanity Podcast logo
The Chasing Sanity Podcast
Listen in as Sandy Swenson — author of ‘The Joey Song: A Mothers Story of Her Son’s Addiction’, ‘Tending Dandelions: Honest Meditations for Mothers with Addicted Children’ and the ‘Reading for Moms with Addicted Children’ app — chats with the host of ‘The Chasing Sanity Podcast’, Derek Talkington about her story, her advocacy work, loving a child struggling with addiction, and turning pain into power.  Interview begins at minute 5:14.
MomPower Mom – Cathy Taughinbaugh
Love, Hope and Recovery
Creator of the ‘Rise Up Mom’s Support Club’, ‘Treatment Talk’ parent coaching (CRAFT) and blog, and works with ‘Partnership for Drug Free Kids’.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Mother’s Day: Together We Are Stronger
MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
The Cycle of Addiction and Codependency

“Are you confused about co-dependency? Julie Neale shares her wise words.”

MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
Discovering Her Son’s Addiction – The Family Disease of Addiction
Head of Distribution and Creative Collaborator for the documentary ‘ASK: Can Love Survive Addiction’. Co-Producer for the film ‘Normie’.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
To Be The Mom of An Addicted Child
An interview with Sandy Swenson by the creators of ‘ASK: Can Love Survive Addiction and Co-Dependency?’ documentary.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Being the Mom of an Addict