VOICES – A Devastating Disease

My child is sick—and the brain that is sick is the very same one that must do the work to get well—so this isn’t a time for me to be timid. I can change the way addiction is perceived. I can stop it from creeping ever forward in the darkness.

~ Sandy Swenson, Readings for Moms of Addicts app
A Devastating Disease - picture of sick teddy bear
Guest MomPower Mom – Lisa Frederiksen
Is there an ACE card in your family?
Adverse childhood experiences—or ACEs, also referred to as childhood trauma—are among the key risk factors for developing addiction. The other risk factors are early use (before age twenty-one), mental illness, social environment, and genetics.
Guest MomPower Mom – Libby Cataldi
Two Sides of Addiction: Mother and Child
Today, my son is healthy and a contributing member of society, and every day I am grateful. Today, I am able to see addiction through my eyes and his.
MomPower Mom – Sandy Swenson
Addiction is a Disease, Not a Disgrace
Addiction is a misunderstood tragedy, too often hushed up. Too often hidden away due to shame, guilt, or fear of blame. Too often, addiction is a battle faced while all alone and afraid…
MomPower Mom – Maureen Cavanagh
Addiction is a Family Disease
Growing up in a family where holidays, family gatherings, and ordinary Tuesday nights often ended in a drunken brawl, I swore I would not catch the family disease.
MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
The Cycle of Addiction and Codependency
“I became obsessed with him: where he was, how he was, and what he was doing. I was in so much pain that I tried to learn everything I could about addiction.”
Guest MomPower Mom – Alex Alba
Learning the Same Language
Our daughter’s addiction lasted about ten years, though we didn’t understand the nature of the beast until almost the end. We rationalized, we were confused, and we were tolerant in a helpless way.
MomPower Mom – Sarah McDade
So Counter-Intuitive
It was obvious to me, his mother, that I had been looking at life through a different set of lenses.
Guest MomPower Mom – Libby Cataldi
Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate
I’ve given up trying to ferret out why one son is an addict and the other isn’t. I now spend my time learning about how best to support my son’s recovery.
Guest MomPower Mom – Lisa Frederiksen
Puberty, Risk Taking and Addiction
Thanks to puberty, “just say no” can be difficult for teens and tweens.

MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
Coping with the Family Disease of Addiction
The pain and mourning experienced because of a beloved addict often seem more than one can bear. It’s like facing death, yet not so final.
MomPower Mom – Julie Neale
The Cycle of Addiction and Codependency
Are you confused about co-dependency? Julie Neale shares her wise words.